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Movies like this are why I miss video stores. In the streaming era, you have to know what you want to watch and search for it, or rely on “the algorithm” to suggest something to you. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is a film you had to see on the shelf at Blockbuster and say “wuuut? Dr. J in a movie?” Of course I rented it, and loved it.

Bill V

This movie brings back the happiest of memories. If you know you know…this is the best hoops movie ever and the soundtrack should have won an Oscar. In honor of the “Queen of Country Music” Loretta Lynn’s 90th birthday today (April 14, 2022), a reminder that she is an underrated part of that soundtrack. She showed her great talent and versatility in singing “Is It Love, Must Be Love” with Frankie Bleu. But the theme song from that movie is IMO “Listen to your heart, never fear, and follow every dream…” Thanks for this website.


I saw this movie with my Dad as a kid! LOVED IT! I brought the album AND I have the movie! Truly underrated ! I think I developed my love for basketball with that movie, so many basketball cameo! It was IS everything a good sports movie should be!

Vincent Schmitt

I was at the Civic Arena for one long, long night of filming.

My family and I were there the night the roof of the arena was to be opened. I had never seen it retracted and no one knew anyone who had. Could it open? Was it urban legend…we had to know.

Jonathan Winters did some standup for the crowd at one point to probably keep people from leaving. The crowd thinned out dramatically from early to late evening.

Had lots of fun that night chanting swish swish to the fish fish and mighty mighty pisces.

I’m in several crowd scenes and if there’s a widescreen release I’ll be in like four more.

From Laz

mos def! i fucking LOVED this movie. i’ve been trying to find it for years, i see you have a link to the dvd on amazon. as soon as i can afford it, i will be getting it!

everything you say about it, i agree. great music… check! great players…check! great teamwork…check! low production values… who gives a shit?

glad to find this site, man.