The plot is simple and beautiful and encompasses everything that makes basketball great, CHEMISTRY!

From Wikipedia (click here for original wikipedia entry):

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh tells the story of a struggling professional basketball team, the Pittsburgh Pythons, whose continuous losing streak and lack of talent has made them the laughing stock of Pittsburgh. Several players ask to be transferred to other teams, partly due to the bad publicity and the presence of the difficult but highly paid star player, Moses Guthrie (Julius Erving).

Believing that the team needs a miracle, ballboy/waterboy Tyrone Millman (James Bond III) turns to astrology to improve the team’s fortunes. He brings his idea to astrologer Mona Mondieu (Stockard Channing), and they come up with the perfect concept: a team composed entirely of players born under the astrological sign of Pisces, the star sign of Moses Guthrie. The team is reborn as the “Pittsburgh Pisces”.

Although Moses and Tyrone’s sister (Margaret Avery) think that Tyrone’s idea is absurd, they ultimately embrace the concept. The plan succeeds wildly due to the new team’s eccentric skills, teamwork, and Mona’s astrological readings, culminating in a championship opportunity.